Denny Pooley from the Monoconics

Hi John – attached the only “souvenirs” of the session my band Monoconics did at Cargo recording our 1st and only single, I think in 1980. The studio had been recommended to us by The Diagram Brothers (although quite a large portion of my singles collection seemed to have been recorded there too) who we got in touch with after both our Peel sessions were broadcast on the same night.

We had a day recording and then came back a week or so later to tweak the mix a bit. I remember the feeling of excitement I had just being in the same place where so many of the songs I loved had been recorded, and having 3 of my own songs recorded by the same man who’d done them all!

I still play and write, and work in a rehearsal studio in London – music is still what I do, even though it’s never made me rich!!

Glad to have the opportunity to say another, belated, thank-you for your help all those years ago.


Denny Pooley

(the “souvenirs” that Denny mentions are the front and back of the Cargo tape box and can be seen in the gallery)