The Gear

I’ve had several enquires about the gear we used at Cargo and to the best of my memory this is what we had;

Mixing Desk
Soundcraft 24-16-8 with parametric eq. P & G faders.

16 track: Cadey 2” tape + remote + varispeed 15ips
Mastering: Tascam Stereo ¼” tape + remote + varispeed 15 ips
Ferrograph Logic 7 Stereo ¼” tape + remote 15/7.5/3.75 ips
Vortexion CBL 7 Stereo ¼” tape 15/7.5/3.75 ips
(The Ferrograph & Vortexion were used for tape delay effects)
Teac cassette recorder

JBL  L300 monitoring speakers powered by a Quad 405 amp
Auratones powered by a Quad 303 amp

Neumann u87
Various other Neumann mics (KM86i)
Various Calrec (mainly cos they made them just down the road in Hebden Bridge)
AKG D25 & D12 for the bass end ie bass drum and bass guitar stacks
Electrovoice RE 50

Noise Reduction
2 x channels Dolby A across the Tascam
16 x channels Rebis noise reduction on the Cadey

MXR Pitch Transposer (first one in the UK and really a harmonizer under a different name)
MXR Digital Delay
Stocktronics Echo Plate
4 x Rebis Digital Delays
8 x Rebis Noise Gates/Compressors
4 x Trident Audio Stereo/Mono Compressors
Bel Stereo Flanger BF20
Roland Chorus Echo  SRE-555
Ibanez Analogue Delay AD-2
Orban Parasound Dual Reverb  111B
Grampian Spring Reverb
10 x 11 band graphic equalisers

And In The Studio
Beyer DT 100 headphones
Sonor Drum Kit
Upright Piano
Percussion; Bar Chimes (as used on Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”), Guiro, Cow Bells, Agogo Bell, Cabassa, Triangle, Tambourine,
And The world famous Harmonium