Big Flame

Came across this the other day, apparently I wrote this in January 1986 when I was producing Big Flame. I guess at least it shows I used to have a sense of humour.

“Big Flame are here. Perhaps only once in a producer’s life does he meet musical greatness. It happened to me when I was asked to produce Big Flame. This is the moment. Listen to Alan’s transparent vocals, his superfluous bass lines. Dil’s incessant beat, carrying with it the future of today’s youth. And soaring above all the chain saw guitars of Greg, giving that raunchy Bucks Fizz appeal that is so hard to find, and yet is part of our very existence. This single is an outstanding testimony to musical greatness. I am therefore proud and happy to be able to enrich your life with this delightful and attractive sequence form Big Flame” –John Brierley, Producer Big Flame, January ’86