12/11/2016.  Colin White is working on GMP Vol 2 and would like to know if anyone knows anything about “The Bratz”. Unfortunately I can’t remember much except that I think they may have come from Oldham. If you have any info please send it across to me at and I’ll pass it on to Colin, thanks. 

12/11/2016.   Four more bands have come to light who recorded at Cargo, they are; Scat Detail, Trojan, My Silent War and Politburo. Their names have been added to the ever expanding list of bands. My thanks to Chris Connelly for the info.


Chris Connelly has found three more bands and one more record company who recorded at Cargo.  The Beloved,   Series 2,   Tarzan 5,   021 Records. Their names are now on the Bands page.

And we have a new picture of The Chameleons during a lunch break. You can see the photo on the ” In the Studio” section of the Gallery


Ian Jay has just sent some photos of the band Dead on Arrival taken by Mike Gaskell. It looks like this was one of Ian’s sessions. You can see them in the “In the Studio” photo section. There is also a photo taken in the control room with Ian mixing and a rare appearance of the mega JBL 4343s. That appears in “the Studio section. Thanks guys……


A big thanks to John Schofield  who has sent some photos in to us of the band Sniper who recorded with Colin. You can see the photo of Sniper in the “In The Studio”  section.

Thanks to Local Heroes who have sent in some more photos, you can see them in the gallery section.

You just got to laugh, something I apparently wrote about the band Big Flame when I produced them in 1986. Full script in Stories about Cargo section.

Nice to get an e-mail from Geoff Hollows from the band Voltage. It’s in the Stories about Cargo section

Denny Pooley from the Monoconics has sent in a story of the time they came into Cargo. He also sent a couple of pics of the original tape boxes, which you can see in the Gallery.

Cargo Studios now has a Facebook page. Chris Connelly has added a section which seems to be proving very popular of “  …on this day in Cargo studios”. Everyday he adds the name of a different group or solo artist who recorded in the studio on this day in say 1980 or indeed any year between 1978 and 1985  also adding links to the group, as a lot of them are still around, and links to You Tube.


There are a few recent additions to the Photo Gallery. The first being a promotional flyer for Heinz. Heinz used to be the bass player with 60s band The Tornados who had a mega worldwide hit with Telstar. Some time later he went solo and producer John Allen brought him into Cargo to record Just Like Eddie and Country Boy. The record was released on the Cargo Records label.

There are also a couple more adverts for Cargo that have surfaced. One of them is from International Musician (March 1980) and a couple from City Fun.

I’ve added about another 100 band names to the Bands page, I’m sure there’s still some I’ve missed, if I have please let me know.

Just recently I found the original Year Planners from the studio for years 1981, 1982 & 1983. Fascinating stuff just seeing who came in and when. They are under the Photos section, Chris took some Hi Res photos of them so it’s possible to magnify the image making it easier to read.

There’s a fascinating letter which I received from Dave Stowell in Chicago with a first hand experience story of Martin Hannett. You’ll find that under the letters to Cargo section.

The Change have just released a new 7″ vinyl of a recording they recorded in Cargo in 1979. It’s called “Where Were You” and you can buy it from Vinyl Revival in Manchester. (0161 661 6393)

The old studio which was derelict for many years has been completely rebuilt and refurbished with new gear which is great to see and is now called Voltalab. Give them a ring. (01706 651722)

About four years ago I rebuilt Cargo Studios in the refurbished attic of my house primarily to mix my own projects, (as these days I don’t require a huge mixing desk, just a MAC and some speakers). In 2011 I released an album by singer song writer Jim Cemlyn Jones, and late last year a solo album by Jim Milne who used to be in the group Tractor. This year there is an album by Sprouthead Uprising scheduled for release . Sprout Head were a side line band for the Suns of Arqa with Mike Ward who is now known as Wadada. I got hold of the original 24 track and 16 track masters had them transferred to digital and have remixed them all. And I have some tracks lined up with singer/songwriter Clare Lock who has written some amazing stuff.

So it’s still pretty full on, drop me a line if you’d like anything added, and I hope you enjoy this new site