Gallery. Some photos of the engineers, the studio and some of the bands that recorded at Cargo

I only remember about half a dozen photos being taken at the studio, but since then all this lot have turned up. You’ve got to remember that these were all shot on film no digital in those days so the quality varies but even the poorest quality ones deserve to be included if for nothing else than for the music history angle. If you have anymore please send them along, I’d love to include them.

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Stills taken from a video shot at Cargo on Hi-Band Umatic

With my thanks to Glyn Chapman at the M-Men studio in Stoke for the digitisation and enhancement


More Photos from the Studio


A near-derelict Ex Cargo Studios 2007/2008


Significant Locations


In the Studio


Crafty Avenue

photos courtesy of Tom Shevchuk





photos courtesy of Graham Jones


Surplus Stock

photos courtesy of Robert Giddens


The Units

photos courtesy of George Lee


QED (1984)

photos courtesy of Mark Corrigan


English Electric

photos courtesy of Leo Cubbins


Local Heroes