Stories about Cargo

Alex Gajowskyj from Learn to Fly

Hi John,

Came across your marvelous Cargo Studios site recently.

I was the drummer for a young Mcr. band, ‘Learn To Fly’.

We recorded a demo cassette there in August 1980.

Didn’t see name on the list so thought I’d reach out & see if you might add it.

Still have the TDK C-60 cassette with Cargo Recording Studios sleeve wrap & featuring 8 original tracks we recorded. My first ever recording studio visit as a 21 year old & still remember much of the session.

In fact, still own the kit I used that day too.

Also recall Cargo being really welcoming / supportive of new, young bands & we much appreciated.

Went on to find my calling with a satisfying career in Industrial Design…..but still joyfully pound the skins a bit in my ‘middle age’.

Was very lucky to emigrate to the US just a few years after the recording session, where I still live with my family on the west coast.

Grew up in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, played in a band with Steve Garvey before he joined Buzzcocks (he lives on US east coast & we still chat) & used to rub shoulders with guys from The Drones, ocassionaly Mark E. Smith & all sorts of characters who used to hang at ‘Rafters’ in Mcr. on Oxford Rd.

Anyway, great memories!…..thanks again for doing what you did at Cargo to help all of us try & realize some dreams.

Best regards,

Alex Gajowskyj



Leo Cubbin from English Electric

Hello John, I was in one of the many bands that recorded in your studio back in the late 70′s/early 80′s. Our first session was in 1979 (I think) and our band was called “English Electric” or we may not have even had a name. I’ve attached a couple of photos from that session. One …

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Trevor Noon

Hi, I play in a band with ex Wolf guitarist Wally Rumsey (Vood Child- Classic Rock). He lent me a copy of a single recorded at Cargo- ‘See them running’, engineered by Colin Richardson. I noticed a copy of ‘Children of the Night’ on ‘The Wall’ on the website.  Thought you might like to know …

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Phillip Foxley

Hi John,  Way, way back in 1980, me and and a good friend Martin Williams recorded four demo tracks with you at Cargo.  This was my first time in a studio and I remember having such a great time that the session just flew by. You also had some great session players at the time.  Hope all is …

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John Schofield

Hi John,  Just a short mail to say I looked at your Cargo web site  with interest a few weeks ago. I’ve always been mad on music and it’s definately rubbed  off on my daughter who alerted me to the fact a blue plaque had been put  up where the old studios where. I’d no idea …

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Robert Robinson from Mysterious Footsteps

Dear John, I was really pleased to find that there is a tribute page to Cargo Studios and as stated it was definitely the hottest independent studio in the North of England and the place to go. I had originally played in a punk band called The Negatives (Bradford) between 1978 and 1980. We were quite …

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