Bands, Producers & Record Companies

Some of the Bands, Producers and Record Companies that made their music at Cargo. If you came into Cargo and you can’t see your name just drop me a line and I’ll add it to this list.

Thanks to Dale Hibbert we now have Freudian Slip and also the Adorables added.     Pete Long reminded us about Ritzi.

Freudian Slip, The Adorables, Ritsi, My Pierrot Doll, X-Cells, The Fall, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Not Sensibles, The Singles, A Certain Ratio, Nico, Section 25, John the Postman, Trax, Factory Records, The Teardrop Explodes, Sniper, Kraken, Vibrant Thigh, Fast Products, Mike Stone, Fast Cars, Mekons, Visitors, Membranes, Faulty Products, Bob Last, Alien Tint, Here and Now, Armed Force, Frantic Elevators, Deepcut Records, The Train Set, Reducers, Hot Water, IQ Zero, Silver Screen Girls, Dirty Max, Dennis Bovell, Outatune Records, The Units, Koral, Modes for Mutants, One Way System, Red Alert, Anti Pasti, The Surface Mutants, Blitzkreig, Girls at Our Best, Race Against Time, Grace, Demon, Stocker/Greenwood, The Out, Icicle Works, Basczax, Reflex Records, Natural Scientist, The Last Chant, They must be Russians, Step Forward Records, Dislocation Dance, Gremlin Records, Diagram Bros, Household Name, Anagram Records, Paranoia, The Change, I’m so Hollow, Skeletal Family, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, ME109, Death Chant, Dansin Obscure, Body, A Second Debut, New Hormones Records, Blue Orchids, Tunnel Vision, Hotfoot Gale, Riot Squad, Rebecca Storm, Rot Records, The Cause, Aurora, Rhesus Records, Dindisc, Beggars Banquet Records, The Cheaters, Vini Reilly, The Chameleons, Inca Babies, Eric Random, Tommy Bruce, Mike Wadada, Mute Records, Wolf, Robert Giddens, Suns of Arqa, Record Records, The Wild Flowers, Felt, Digital Dinosaurs, Stockholm Monsters, Dead or Alive, The Wild Swans, Red Rhino Records, And Also the Trees, 25 Rifles, John Dowie, Scars, Granada TV, Poison Girls, JJ Records, Echo and the Bunnymen, GBH, The Teardrops, Ludus, DAF, The Hoax, Inevitable Records, Discharge, Surplus Stock, Mitosis, Rat Scabies, The Flowers, Oldham Tinkers, Years, Durutti Column, Static Records, Roaring Eighties, Nigel Stonier, Martin Hannett, The Red Army, X-O-Dus, Oscillators, Carrere Records, Steve Garvey, V2, Fakes, Victor Brox Blues Train, Images, The Insane, Jailer, Eric’s Records, Sweet Chariot, Cargo Records, 57th Parallel, Rough Trade Records, Mike Howlett, Xcentric Records, Sprout Head Uprising, Clay Records, Bamboo Zoo, Carmel, Music for Pleasure, Comsat Angels, Wayne Fontana, White Rose Records, Wilderspool, Subterfuge, Airkraft, Zoo Records, Child’s Play, Orchestral Manoeuvres, Sister Ray, Object Music, Broken Bones, Diversion, Black Fire, The Donkeys, Two Tone Pinks, Rock Steady Records, John Allen, The Reg Coates Experience, Foreign Press, EMI records, Pipedream, Roach Records, Excel, Bill the Murderer, Snotty Snail Records, Black Hippies, Radio 5, Virgin Records, Pop Aural, Shake, Pink Military, Heinz, PJ Proby, Bernward Bieder Bande, Stiff Records, Private Sector, Polydor Records, Killermeters, Dawnweaver, Mingard Music, Dedringer, Charly Records, Buffalo, John Peel, Defectors, Topic Records, Smirks, The Fence, Warrior, Elti-Fits, Cherry Red Records, Saddle Tramp, Balham and the Angel, Swinging Santas, Bed, Anniversary, Cardiac Arrest, Slight Seconds, No Future Records, 7th Angel, White Fire, Homegrown, Phoney-Gran Records, The Alien, Earcom, Mike Glossop, First Floor Records, Love Lane, Kelly Peters, Streets Ahead Productions, Victim, Body, Recession Records, Mediators, Picture Chords, Cairo, Gem Records, Equius, Wofflers Band, Sherry Flips, Voltage, The Game, Mellotrons, Twisting Ferraris, Absurd Records, Cuba, Sire Records, Turbo, Grant Showbiz, Mike Hedges, The Insane, Za Za Party, The Mysterious Footsteps, Piccadilly Records, Dave Gedge and the Lost Pandas, Tora Tora, Vibe Records, Accident on the East Lancs, Local Heroes, The Inserts, The Cause, The Fakes, Tiger Tails, State Secrets, La Kifth, Ex Post Facto, The Negativz, Crafty Avenue, Casino Filters, Some Now Are,  Heavy Metal Records, Berlin Filters, New Model Army, Rondelet Records, Nightmares in Wax, Legend, TJM Records, Danse Macabre, Dalek I Love You, Ada Wilson, Mini Pops, Neon Records, Rhab Stallion, Luddites, Steve Diggle, Partners in Crime, Streetfighter, Ipso Facto, Future Records, Lori and the Chameleons, Mancunian Metal Records, The Tunes, Zyclon B, Logo Records, Jededdiah Strutt, Varukers, Abstract, Oxym, Release the Bats, Jungle Records, Katch 22, Cook Da Books, Riot City Records, Switzerland, Stranger than Fiction, Illuminated Records, Scorched Earth, New Bracken Band, MMC Records, The Erbees, Skeptix, Brigade, John Hyatt, Rockburgh Records, Digital Delay, Death Chant, ME109, Dansin’ Obscure, 13 Across, Cross Talk, Colours out of Time, The Editors, The Royal Family, Partizans, XYs, Sand Boys, Keith Julb, Strange Brew, Red Line, Xcentric Records. The U87s, Past 7 Days, Crispy Ambulance,  All About Eve, Blush, Chapter One, The Crash, Blush, The Mad, Kruiser, Jungle Noises, Loyalty Music, Pete Fulwell, Young Men Rocking,  Terminal, Soldiers are Dreamers, Mayhem, Love Decides,  The Spots, Slayer, The Skodas, Ian Curtis, Popular Fiction, The Renegades, Beer Drop Explodes, Charlie, The Dooleys, Exit, Tower Struck Down, Splat, Kevin Miles, Still, Thorns of Affliction, C4, Propulsion, Anti System, Dreaded Snot, Extracts, Rise to Laugh, Syntax, Protest, The Violators, Tractor, Skeleton Crew, Strange Brood, Obsession, Chris Swarbeck, Athens, 90 Degrees in the Shade, Spot Neuveau, Stacks, National Pastime, Flamingos, Flak, Miss Simone and Mr Sirs, Learn To Fly,Handsome Beasts, Silver String Band, Yucca Records, Cruiser, Crypt Cross, Le Ferme, Stacks, Orlando, Fallen Angel, The Chams,  Dream Baby,  Flying Glass, Group Therapy,  Second Debue, Polit Buro, Mother of Pearl, Emergency, Future Toys, Terry Hall, Pete Hook, Train Set,  Stratosphere, Badger,  Aborted,  VHF, Stuffed Badgers, Tarzan 5,  Rage,  Electric Rose, Cult of Reason,  The Hats,  Captain Cat, Amtrak, Outer Edge, Sick Youth, Cherry Boys, The Dentists,  Chief City, Real Life,  Valients,  Snuff,  Richard Justice,  Special Duties, Chieftains, Beyond the Grave,  aK2000,  English Electric, Wilful Damage,  Trail Blazer, Susan Fastbender, Nyam-Nyam, Mr. Paris,  Colourfield,  Fall Guys,  The Strut,  Tuesdays Thing,  White Russia, Tunnel Users, Matthews Wilson Donavon, Tense, The Peacocks, Chrissy Holland, Basking Sharks, Another Dream, The Entertainers, Goliath and Fred, Bee Vamp, Thin Men of Vision, Fatal Gift,  Exit 22, Crime Pays, Another Colour, The Flower Pots, Zanti Misfits, Scant Details, Steve Jones, Griff, Lodger, Surburban Danse, Terry Swaysland, Potential Victim, Really Big Men, Furze, Holly Johnson, Crash Course, Black Juru, Speed, Timshel, The Monitors, I Want, Mo, Criminal Fingers, Private Dicks, Sport,  Mediators, Archaic Smile, Backroom Boys, Vee V V, Twisted Ace, Pure Pink Paraffin,  Scream Dream, Tattoo Hosts, Pier Point, Beo 2000, Andy Chadwick, Drive by Night,  Export Factor, Yucca Records, Paul Rafferty, Sofas, Trojan, Butcher, Contracted Anger, Dead Art, Modern Problem, IK, Sculpture, Buildings, Tuesdays Wreckage, The Alletsons, Bill Byford, Catapult, Dream Cult, Extras, Elite, Force Nine, Heavy Thunder, The Samples, Sly Moves, Third Floor, Tim Patterson, Sheeba,  Rob Gretton, Sticky Label records, Burning Radios, Downbeat, The Mess, Le Egg, Monochrome Set, New Order, Cameras in Cars, The Scrape, Oedipus Complex, Private Party, Stone, The Dots, The Fence, Active Restraint, Steve Owen, Vengence, WASS, Sound AZ, Prince Tony, Bamboo Merchants,  Card Stop,  Future Toys,  Shep, Gods Slippers,Tony Hallsworth, Scream Silence, Video Dreams, Prestigee, The Enthusiasts, Doctor Octopus, Blitz, Vision On, Billy Sumner,  Fall Out,  Visual, Steve Spector,   WHY-FI Records, Gary Giddens, GTO Records, Maximus Music, Bamboo Teak, John Bentham,   4AD Records, Index Music,  Urinating Vicar Records, Leviathan, Lost Lovers, Index, The Reporters, The Books, Nervera Zoo, The Insurgents, Mutants, Red Square, Mike Hollingsworth, The Lords of Mutants, The Images, Love and Revenge, Negative Tension, Milliners Pockets, Men of War,  No Flowers, Prisoners, Legal Aid, Peot, Rhythm Method, Dragonslayer, Dental Records, English Dogs, The Grout, Prowler, Kamera Records, SXXV, Skeleton Records, Bill Nelson, Big Flame, Zorkie Twins, Mike Hucknall, Ambergris Records, Black Lagoon Records, Fallout Records, Monoconics, The Beloved, Series Two, Tarzan 5, 021 Records, Scat Detail, Trojan, My Silent War, Politburo, The End.